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Athlete Support

Athlete Support

Interested in a sponsorship?

Sofa Brand Sponsorships

Please read below for guidelines and to learn more about our application process.


Being a Sofa Brand athlete is an opportunity that should not be taken lightly. We bring on top-tier athletes who we feel can represent Sofa Brand in the most positive way, both on and off the track. Before applying, we would like to highlight that a sponsorship is a mutually beneficial relationship between both the rider and the company. The Sofa Brand Team is looking for athletes who have consistent race attendance with top finishes, and/or high media attention.

Applications for the 2020 season are currently open. Applications must be received by January 1, 2020.

When submitting your application, take the following list into consideration for things to include that may help you get supported:

  • Race results/ future goals
  • One or two recommendation letters
  • Report card / Degree
  • Min (3), max (5) action photos
  • Head and shoulder photo
  • Media account information (@names, platforms used)

Your application needs to be presented in a professional manner and we look closely for grammar/spelling errors. Take your time and be thorough for your best shot at becoming a Sofa Brand athlete. Please submit resume applications to We prefer that you do not type your resume into the email, but instead, organize it nicely in a word document.

Who has the best chance of getting sponsored?
We look at results as our number one deciding factor. At a local level, we would like to see that you are placing among the top of your competition for your respective class. Nationally, top 5 finishes will almost guarantee you a spot on our athlete list. If you do not race, but have a large media following base, we also take that into consideration. If you think you have what it takes, please apply.

What if I have already submitted an application?
Never assume that your application has been overlooked or forgotten. We are constantly reviewing, adding, and replacing riders so you never know when you might hear from one of our reps. If you submit a sponsorship application outside of our application submission dates, it will not be accepted.